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Smart Classroom Solution​

Smart Classroom Solution

Our Smart Classrooms use cutting-edge audio and video technology to give your students a better in-classroom and virtual participant experience. And with features to improve collaboration, you can help make teaching more effective. Featuring cutting-edge technology which seamlessly blends digital podiums, interactive whiteboards, audio systems, video capture and multi-media content, teaching in the classroom will become a pleasurable experience like no other. Every classroom is different and thus, every solution we design is tailor-made and customised for each classroom from scratch. We do the heavy lifting, so that our clients do not need to. 

Hybrid Classroom Solution​

Hybrid Classroom Solution

Our Hybrid Classroom Solution enables students to join virtually from remote locations and participate in the same session as the physically present students. This solution is perfect for institutions which want to bring their students together from different locations and provide them the same learning experience as the students in a regular classroom. It is also ideal for institutions which want to conduct lessons that require collaboration between students or between students and the professor. The audio visual solution is intuitively designed, easy to use and commissioned to be very durable so that it can withstand years of regular use.

Virtual Classroom Solution​

Virtual Classroom Solution

Virtual Classroom Solution is the perfect solution for institutions which want to take their classroom experience to the next level. With this solution, classrooms double up as a virtual studio. With the audio and video feed being captured for recording as well as two-way communication with students who are remotely joined in, the system also allows live streaming of content on major platforms like YouTube. With this solution, institutions are able to reach out to a larger audience and provide a better learning experience to their students. At an extremely affordable cost, classrooms become  a tech-savvy learning hub with this solution.

Smart Lecture Theatre Solution​

Smart Lecture Theatre Solution

Bigger learning spaces require designing audio visual solutions from scratch. Customised audio input, audio output, video input, video output are strategically incorporated into the designed solution to give uniformity of sound and visuals throughout the room. The user can choose from a breadth of functional modules such as virtual learning, lecture recording, acoustic management, integrated teaching – learning platform, remote location connectivity and interactive panels among others to incorporate within their solutions. The solution is designed so that teachers can focus on teaching and students can focus on learning, while leaving the grunt-work to professionals.

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Solutions for Government & Corporate​

Huddle Room

With EAPL ConfEx Huddle Room solution, you can move from costly, inconvenient and inefficient open-plan offices to a more collaborative, efficient and productive environment. Our easy-to-install rooms are mobile and scalable, allowing for teams to quickly shift from one space to another and then share the space with other teams. Huddle Room solves the problems of remote co-working with ease and clarity. With our complete package, you’ll have a clear picture of proceedings with a collaborative setup that includes cameras, microphones, and speakers – all included in one package.

Huddle Room​

Conference Room

Moments of great ideas, breakthroughs and innovations happen every day. Get your team on the same page with your speed, flexibility, and convenience with our EAPL Confluence series conference room solutions. While EAPL Confluence-500 and EAPL Confluence-1000 cater to small and mid-sized conference rooms, EAPL Confluence-1500 caters to larger board rooms. For our customers inclined to use the good old legacy conference solutions, we offer our state of the art EAPL ConfRegular Conference Room solution to cater to the chairman-delegate unit setup. We offer seamless integration of video and audio conferencing tools so that nothing stands in the way of productivity. We’ve got you covered from turnkey implementation to aesthetics and beyond.

Conference Room


We design and install AV solutions in auditoriums that are compatible with the architecture, acoustic requirements and budgetary constraints of our clients. Our competency includes designing and implementing video, audio and audiovisual systems for a wide range of business events such as conferences, seminars, convocations, academic events and recreational activities. Our EAPL SmartAtrium Auditorium AV modernisation solution is an industry benchmark for world-class and seamless projection and sound. Modern auditoriums are designed to be interactive spaces and this is where our extensive experience comes into play!


Large Multipurpose Room

Our Audio Visual solution for a large multipurpose room is designed to be a versatile and flexible system that can be repurposed and reprogrammed depending on the use of the room. The various components of the system can be activated depending on the section of the room in play. Smaller conference rooms and huddle rooms can be created out of the larger room, and the system must be capable of being repurposed for the changing use cases. Similarly, our solutions allow for the open spaces within the building be repurposed for public events and gatherings. – professional or recreational. All this can be reconfigured by our professionals remotely, without having to visit the site.

Large Multipurpose Room​

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AV Solution

EAPL Technologies offers top-tier services to both government and corporate sectors, including conference rooms and hybrid classrooms with advanced technology, ensuring unparalleled service and technology integration

Security & Survillence

EAPL Technologies delivers cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection for both government and corporate entities.

IT / Networking

EAPL Technologies provides robust IT and networking solutions, catering to the needs of both government and corporate clients with unparalleled expertise and reliability.

Command Centre & NOC

EAPL Technologies excels in Command Centers and Network Operations Centers (NOCs) for government and corporate sectors, ensuring seamless technology integration.

Auditorium & Large Venue Solution

EAPL Technologies offers top-tier services for auditoriums and large venue spaces. Our expertise ensures seamless integration of advanced technology for unparalleled service

Maintenance & Support

EAPL Technologies provides top-tier support and maintenance services for auditoriums and large venue spaces. With our expertise, we ensure seamless integration of advanced technology for unparalleled service.

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