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In-Room (Local)

Elevate in-person meetings with seamless in-room conferencing solutions. Our technology ensures crystal-clear audio and high-definition video for productive discussions right in your conference room.


Connect with staff, officers and employees anywhere through our cutting-edge video conferencing solutions. Experience virtual meetings like never before with our top-notch video quality and collaborative features.


Transform your presentations into engaging experiences. Our interactive presentation tools enable real-time audience interaction, making your content come alive and fostering dynamic discussions.


Boost creativity and collaboration with huddle meetings. Our solutions facilitate quick, informal gatherings, briefings and impromptu discussions more efficient than ever right from the comfort of your office.


Seamlessly bridge the gap between remote and in-person participants. Our hybrid meeting solutions offer the flexibility to connect everyone, regardless of their location, for productive and inclusive discussions.

Streaming and

Capture and share your valuable content effortlessly. Our streaming and recording capabilities ensure that your meetings, presentations, and events can be shared live or accessed later with ease.

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Major features

Networked Based

Our solutions merge the modern field of Audio-Visual technology with the traditional networking domain. This gives our clients the best of both worlds. Existing networking infrastructure can be fully utilised and this gives in-house IT professionals seamless and unprecedented control over the systems.

Fully Modular

Our modular design approach allows for flexibility and scalability, ensuring that your space can evolve with your changing needs. Whether you need to upgrade the technology, or perhaps you wish enlarge the space, our modular solutions can be easily adapted to meet your requirements.

Consultancy Included

Our consultancy typically begins with needs analysis, followed by systems design creation. Once approved, from procurement support to actual installation, training and handover, our dedicated professionals ensure that the process is absolutely hassle-free.

Robust After-sales

We ensure that you have the resources you need to make the most out of your solution as customer success is of utmost importance to us. Our extensive training and technical handholding will guide you through any challenges you may face and ensure that you are able to extract the most out of the setup.

Provision for Extended

All solutions have the provision for comprehensive warranty at the solution level which protects our clients from any manufacturing defect. Besides, provisions are in place to allow for purchase of extended warranty and Comprehensive Maintenance Contract, on an as-need basis.

Site-preparation and

To enable seamless procurement of an integrated solution, any site preparation comprising of false ceiling construction, wall panelling, flooring or carpeting can be clubbed within the same project. We firmly believe that the aesthetics of the room are just as important as its utility.

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